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Alleviate Boxing was founded in my university room in 2019 with the idea of creating fashionable boxing apparel that was also usable for day to day wear. I have always loved boxing, but I could never find a pair of gloves that I felt suited me: I wanted a fashionable but high-quality pair. Combining my passion for fashion as well as using my business degree, I decided to start Alleviate. 

Boxing is something I really enjoy physically but also find to be a great reliever of stress. I have always been a firm believer that sport is very important for mental health as well as staying fit physically - and the name Alleviate was coined to link the idea of using boxing/sport to alleviate stress.

I want to bring fun and fashionable athleisure inspired by boxing, my aim is to make people feel great in what they are wearing and to look great!

 I hope you love our products as much as we do.

Love, AB xo